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Hunting Magpies – VH Team Topoli 2018

Magpies are among the smarterst birds you can meet in the wild. Along with this the magpies is one of the nastiest predator. It is very hard to hide yourself good enough to make the fly close to you and if you move they would fly away. That’s why we use help. We have an owl that the magpies hate very much. And when we put in on a stick obove the branches of the trees magpies would gather and make flocks and attach the owl. In the beginning of the video you can see some live footage that I managed to take in the forest of several magpies chasing an owl. This particular hunt was in the evening when magpies return from the city to their nests in the nearby forest. Although we were prepared to meet them they would see us from a distance and would fly high obove us. Eventualy we were able to shoot down 40 magpies and managed to find 18 and took some pictures with them. The hunt went well and there will be second episode of it for sure.

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