Why People Like Hunting?

Since time immemorial people go hunting. It was the mean of survival in prehistoric times and now it is becoming a sport hobby for men and women around the world. At the beginning when our ancestors lived in caves hunting was primarily male occupation while women were bussy raising childs and gathering wood to keep the fire burning, because if the fire extinguishes they will have to wait for the next storm to light up a tree.

It was later when people learned how to light fire with sticks. This was at the time of so called gatherers society. Men were hunters and with their dogs were absent for days. Women were at the cave home and were gathering wood for the fire, and food – herbs, fruits, roots, and catching fish. So respectedly we will not be talking about fishing or planting. This time period was so extensive that if we compare it to the history after Columbus reached the Americas it would seem like yesterday. And natural selection as Darwin called it, Nature took it’s tall.

Hunting is so deeply rooted in our nature that even when it was forbidden for general population in the middle ages people today still feed the urge to chase the wild and wander in the woods. A hunter sleeps in almost all men. The feeling is the same as if you are a chasing a woman you’ve fallen in love with, but every you go hunting the woman is different.

Some people think it is all about the shooting or killing animals, or make a living. It can be so for some people, or even some hunters think so about themselves. But in reality they sill haven’t realised that it is all about the case and outwitting the animal so that it can within your grasp. And now we can explain why some people go photohunting, because the case and game are the same. It is all bout chasing the wild, it is all about being one with nature.

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