Memories – Openins Season – Hunting Group Topoli – 13.08.2011

Every year we hunters expect with anxcious anticipation the opening of the season. Most of us could not sleep the night before and the following day becomes a real celebration, real holiday. The evening before the opening we take out the guns, the ammo, the camouflage, the forks and the spoons. The dogs bark all night because the also sense the coming celebration. At the day we keep the tradition and beging with turtledove hunt. At noon all hunters have already gathered at he meeting point where the celebration meal will take place, the guns are put aside and the kurban – the sacrificial lamb soup is boiling in the fire. Each year a rite lamp is sacrificed and cooked to bring health to the hunters and keep them safe from accidents. Portions of this sacrificial soup are brought to the homes of those who could not come or are very old even if not active hunters any more. We picked up these particular photos from 2011 because it was the first year that we celebrated the opening season with our new hunting group flag given to us from the Varna Hunting and Fishing Association.

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