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How to ep.5: Cover our smell while on a hunt

Forest creatures have very sharp senses – especially hearing and smell. And the smell our body emits, even if we cannot sense it, is a clear signal for the game not to close our location. This is most true for wild boares and predators. Some hunter do not take bath, do not shave, do not use parfumes before the hunt and even do not smoke. The clothes we use is best not to be washed until the season closes. This is the only way we can smell like the natural smells in the forest. Although this we can get only close to smelling like the forest does. What is left and ca be done is to pick up a position that will allow us to hide our smell. The only way to do this is to use wind direction, and when this is impossible we should try to exploit atmospheric pressure and natural heat circulation. In other words we have to look for higher ground. Our experience shows that several feet is enough to do the trick. So watch and do like us and the luck will come to you too!

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