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Guns Review – CZ ZH-304 7x57R and 12/70

Varna Hunting Team had the opportunity ot lay its hands on a relatively rear gun – the CZ Brno ZH-304 in cal. 7x57R and 12/70 gau /not a magnum/. It is a classical caliber, some may consider outdated but let see the pros and cons of this particular gun:

– easy to stock and good out-of-the-factory woodwork;
– suitable for overgrown with vegetation places – barrel just 24 inches;
– powerful carabine caliber – 7x57R;
– combination of groved and slug barrel;
– robust locking mechanism.

– for an unknown reason the first trigger triggers the groved barrel in 7x56R and the second triger is for the slug barrel;
– complicated locking mechanism with lots of mooving parts;
– hard to take apart and put back together when taken in and out of the case.

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